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Female Models Are Just Plain Fun

August 3rd, 2013

Photography is about having fun and showing fun images, unless, of course, it's photojournalism, which requires some ugly shots at times.

I shoot for fun and beauty, and there is no more exciting place to do this than with models playing at being themselves, cosplay, or being women and couples. This is where we see humanity at its purest, most emotional, most playful most raw form. Yes, women really are, generally, more honest than men at showing the raw nature and, thus, they are most likely to provide the most interesting shoots, whether the viewer is male, female, hetero, bi, gay, lesbian, whatever.

The shoot doesn't even have to have a sexual or erotic element, though, let's face it, that is humanity at its most basic element, and if we are capturing fun, we are going to capture the sensual, erotic, and even the outright sexual element of our model, even if it is only implied. We cannot photograph humanity without being ultimately human.

That is why I choose the subjects I do for a model shoot and why I like to work with a diversity of models. While I personally may have my own sense of beauty and desirability in a person, my models reflect their feminity, their femaleness, the eroticism, the sexuality in all forms and in all situations. The main thing is that they are hiones. Thus, I might capture a model who is amateur or semi-pro and a bit uncomfortable with beinf photographed, making a funny face while being photographed totally nude, or I might capture a model in the dressing room about to change outfits or between "costumes" while playing "dress up" with vintage clothing. But I might also capture her candidly on the beach, fully clothed, enjoying the saltwater, or totally naked, doing whatever she is inspired to do at the moment or simply being present in the moment.

And while I might personally prefer a more "natural" woman, I am quite aware of a woman's desires and personal fun preferences if she prefers to be more or less shavem more or less sculpted, super thin, or well rounded. Each model is different, and each should be captured as herself, in her rawest, most honest nature.

This is just plain fun, and it's what makes photography ultimately great fun!